Senergy Obtains SGS-Issued Compliance Certificates in Spain and North America

On November 8, Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Senergy”) achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the “SGS Spain NTS Type B Certificate” and “SGS North America Listed Mark.” The certification ceremony unfolded at Senergy’s headquarter in Shenzhen, underscoring the collaborative effort with SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification company. The certification covers Senergy’s grid-tied inverters ranging from 100kW to 110 kW and energy storage inverters spanning 5-10 kW. Ms. Lisa Ren, General Manager of Senergy, and Mr. Walter Zheng, South China Regional Director of SGS C&P EEC, attended the ceremony, joined by representatives from both companies.

As a leading ODM supplier of PV inverters, Senergy, in partnership with SGS, the globally recognized certification authority, showcases its professionalism and technological prowess through this strategic cooperation. The ceremony was marked by inspiring speeches from Ms. Lisa Ren and Mr. Walter Zheng, acknowledging the successful partnership between the two parties.

Both sides emphasized that inverter, serving as the heart of PV power generation system, plays a vital role in the thriving development of new energy today. However, variations in current and voltage across countries, coupled with diverse regulations, pose challenges. Simultaneously, as the market progressively diversifies its benchmarks for reducing costs and improving efficiency in new energy sector, customers are raising the bar for the safety performance of inverter products. The two certified product series have undergone rigorous technical audits and tests in all aspects, such as electrical safety regulations, grid-connection characteristics, functional safety, and communication protocols. This indicates that Senergy’s inverters meet globally leading standards in terms of safety and quality.

The issuance of both certificates signifies a remarkable achievement for Senergy, with its grid-tied inverters and energy storage inverters successfully passing a series of certification tests in line with the stringent standards of Spain and the United States. This dual certification serves as a robust endorsement, underlining the safety, reliability, and stability of Senergy’s products. Beyond this, the acquisition of these two authoritative certificates highlights Senergy’s strength in entering and conquering target markets, enhances its market competitiveness, and further propels the company forward in its ambitious global expansion journey within the dynamic landscape of new energy technologies.

Moving forward, Senergy is committed to strengthening cooperation with SGS in various areas, including PV product inspection and evaluation, quality system assessment, energy efficiency, emission reduction, and the low carbon sector. Senergy also looks forward to obtaining more SGS certifications as a gateway to access more new energy markets and providing users with safe, reliable and high-quality products. This endeavor is poised to contribute significantly to the collective efforts in advancing the global prosperity of new energy.


About Senergy

Founded in 2015, Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD). As a national high-tech company, Senergy specializes in pioneering solutions for PV power generation, energy storage, and smart energy systems. Located in Shenzhen, Senergy’s manufacturing site is equipped with highly automated manufacturing equipment, positioning it at the forefront of the industry in terms of production capacity and capabilities. Senergy offers versatile collaboration approaches and swift customization services. Its extensive product portfolio is distributed in over 50 countries worldwide, catering to diverse scenarios, including residential, commercial, large-scale ground-mounted solar power plants, and various types of energy storage stations. With a dedicated focus on innovative R&D, backed by 35 years of experience in power electronic products management and 20 years of expertise in PV inverter development and manufacturing, Senergy is committed to providing highly competitive and value-added products and services, striving to make clean energy accessible to all.