ODM/OEM  Business

Senergy has over 30 years’ OEM/ODM experience working with the world top 10 brands in the UPS industry, and more than 18 years’ leading competency and position in PV inverter R&D and manufacturing in Taiwan. Today, we leverage our OEM/ODM expertise in our cooperation with the leading PV inverters and module manufactures around the globe.Whether we are talking about our largest products or smaller ones, saving space is always on our minds. Space means money and we want to help our customers achieve profitable growth. Our engineers focus their time on design improvements to compress product size or create new products that manage more functionality and allow you to reduce the number of components. We are constantly looking for ways to integrate products or use new materials to provide more value in less space. Whether by ensuring reliable products or developing products that can be safely maintained while operating or monitoring for potential failures, Senergy wants to help its customers optimise the efficiency of their operations by awarding certification to major standards around the world.

We offer:

    • Standard procedures for diversified ODM cooperation patterns and rapid customization system
    • Standard production line platforms with personalized product appearance and accessories
    • Tailored products based on quality proven product platform
    • Quick product solutions with selectable customization menu
    • Differentiated products to avoid excessive business conflicts in the region
    • High quality delivered with the manufacturing expertise in Taipei and competitive price with Chinese mainland’s supply chain

Customized costs

Usually, we offer a standard platform that products are including most functions as normal, and are compatible with the regulations of most countries. Customization costs depend on the level of customization customers require.

  • Customize inverter appearance (logo/color/packing/documents…) only, no cost charged if meets MOQ of material vendors.

  • Deeper level customization like hardware changing, its costs happen accordingly.

  • Customers may need co-licenses for OEM products or other types of certificates for customs clearance and grid-connecting applications etc.

    *Customers should learn clearly what certifications are required from  local government and Electricity Company.

  • We deployed a free and neutral version monitoring system without any company information for all OEM partners.

  • We can customize a monitoring system for our partners to display their information.

  • We can make inverters send data to customers’ servers, and share cloud protocol, then our partners can develop monitoring systems by themselves.

  • We can release the API of our server, partners can access and get data from our server, then develop a monitoring system by themselves.

OEM/ODM Services

OEM Services

If the customer already has their product design, we can provide manufacturing and testing services and then deliver the product. As the product is custom designed, the product will be manufactured exclusively for the customer.

ODM Service

When our products do not meet your specific requirements and your company does not have an off-the-shelf product, our team of engineers can work with you to customise the product to meet your requirements. Engineering will go through the process of development, design, prototyping, design verification testing, tooling, product manufacturing and safety standards compliance certification to ensure the final product meets all requirements.

If you require any services or any specific DC to AC power solutions, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

ODM/OEM Advantages

Highly Automated Production Processes

Solder Paste Inspection(SPI)


Auto Optical Inspection for SMD (AOI)

Manual Insertion

Wave Soldering

Auto Optical Inspection after WS (AOI)

Touch Up

Function Test

Conformal Coating

Inverter Assembly



Burn in for 3-8h in 40℃

2nd  Burn-in Test

Final Test after BI

Air Tightness Test for IP65

Inspection before Packing