Senergy Charts New Frontier at the Green Energy Expo 2024 in South Korea

Daegu, South Korea, April 26, 2024 — Senergy, a leading inverter and energy storage ODM service provider, made an impressive debut at the Green Energy Expo 2024, which took place from April 24 to 26 in Daegu, South Korea. At this event, Senergy showcased its innovative energy storage inverter SE 8/10KHB-T/EU. Additionally, the grid-tied inverters, including the single-phase SE 2/3/3.6KTL-S1/G2P and the three-phase SE 100/110/125KTL-M(H)3 models, were highlighted, demonstrating unmatched efficiency and reliability for residential and large-scale applications. These products mark a significant milestone for Senergy as it charts new territory in the renewable energy landscape.

As the world grapples with soaring energy prices, a landmark shift towards renewable energy is sweeping across the globe. South Korea, amongst the top ten electricity consumers worldwide, is actively pursuing efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. The country has established mid- and long-term policy goals and plans aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the capacity of renewable energy generation. The Green Energy Expo is a significant international trade fair for renewable energy and eco-friendly technologies that takes place annually in Daegu. Established in the early 2000s, the expo has become one of the most important events for green energy and sustainable solutions in Asia.

“The continuous rise in energy consumption and reshaping of the energy mix in South Korea present vast opportunities for the solar industry,” said Lisa Ren, General Manager of Senergy. “We are excited to tap into this fast-growing market by leveraging our cutting-edge technology and extensive experience in Asia. Our aim is to empower local partners, enhancing their competitiveness. Together, we strive to make energy supplies not only cleaner but also more secure and affordable.”

The global drive to embrace clean energy is accelerating PV installations across both large-scale projects and small-scale consumer rooftops. As a crucial component of the solar system, PV inverters are experiencing significant growth. With 20 years of dedicated inverter R&D and manufacturing experience, Senergy operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and Shenzhen with a manufacturing capacity of 10GW. In 2023, the company continued its investment and tripled the size of its R&D center in Shenzhen, enhancing its ability to deliver top-notch inverter products and solutions to the partners worldwide. Senergy boasts industry-leading, highly automated production lines and adheres to international quality standards to ensure product excellence and consistency. The company offers rapid customization management systems to meet diverse market needs, featuring selectable customization menus that allow customers to fully personalize their products – from appearance and accessories to branding elements like logos and monitoring app interfaces. Senergy also focuses on differentiation, strategically minimizing potential conflicts and empowering customers with market competitiveness.

SE 2/3/3.6KTL- S1/G2P

During the Green Energy Expo, Senergy presented three game-changing products, each a testament to Senergy’s cutting-edge technology and innovative spirit. The grid-tied SE 2/3/3.6KTL-S1/G2P series, renowned for its high efficiency and sleek design, weighs just 6.5KG and stands out as the perfect solution for residential setups. This model supports the REMS function in South Korea. It incorporates industry-leading features that exemplify excellence, such as maximum efficiency of 97.8%, 150% PV configuration capacity, and 110% output overload capability, all designed to maximize the profitability of the solar system.

 SE 8/10KHB-T/EU

As South Korea’s solar market surges, there is a growing demand for more efficient solar power storage solutions. These solutions enable users capitalize on the surplus energy generated from solar panels during the day, thus reducing the use of electricity at peak times and enhancing grid stability. Senergy’s hybrid inverter series, SE 8/10KHB-T/EU, perfectly addresses this demand. With the same AC output power, the SE 8/10KHB-T/EU is equipped with more MPPT strings to maximize solar energy conversion and electricity generation. It supports connections with both lead-acid and lithium battery energy storage systems, enhancing the yield rates and reducing dependence on external power sources. This hybrid on and off grid solar inverter can operate as a UPS, achieving seamless energy switching and making power management more flexible, efficient, and convenient.

SE 100/110/125KTL-M(H)3

It’s worth noting that South Korea is experiencing remarkable growth in utility-scale solar applications, fueled by declining prices and increased investment. Senergy’s three-phase multiple-MPPT series SE 100/110/125KTL-M(H)3 stands out in those large-scale setups. It features support for the DER-AVM function and has become the preferred choice for major solar projects. With a maximum efficiency of 98.8% and compatibility with high-power modules up to 500W/600W+, it demonstrates exceptional performance in meeting the demands of such endeavors.

All of Senergy’s products feature active power conversion technology to transform DC into AC, ensuring higher conversion efficiency and greater adaptability to fulfill user requirements. Enhanced safety and compliance are assured through the integration of an inline fuse, which can be certified as part of the terminal box and addresses the specific needs of the South Korean market. Moreover, Senergy’s inverter series incorporates an LCD screen and Wi-Fi monitoring capability, significantly improving user interaction and visibility of system performance tracking. To meet client-specific needs, Senergy offers customization cooperation models, including options for logo placement, a Korean language monitoring interface to serve local users, and a customized platform to accommodate diverse installation requirements.

The Green Energy Expo 2024 offers an extensive platform for companies, manufacturers, suppliers, research institutions, and professionals from the renewable energy industry to showcase their products, technologies, and services to a global audience. As South Korea continues to drive its economy forward through robust exports, numerous local enterprises are ramping up their solar energy initiatives and are poised to launch innovative energy solutions onto the world market. Senergy is at the forefront, ready to bolster these ventures by supporting their evolving needs, not only within South Korea’s domestic market but also on a global scale, contributing to the country’s transition from an energy-importing nation to an energy-exporting economy.


About Senergy
Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a leading high-tech solar energy company, specializing in ODM service for PV grid-tied and hybrid inverters. Empowered by the parent company’s 35 years of expertise in electronic power industry, Senergy has garnered 20 years of dedicated experience in inverter R&D and manufacturing. Its products find a wide range of applications across residential, industrial & commercial, large-scale ground stations and energy storage power stations worldwide. With an expanded manufacturing capacity reaching10GW, Senergy is equipped with enhanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge inverter products and solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the evolving energy landscape.