Senergy Continues its Strong Growth Trajectory at Solar & Storage Live USA 2024

Philadelphia, USA, April 11, 2024 — Senergy, an industry-leading inverter and energy storage ODM service provider from Asia, showcased its latest solar inverters at Solar & Storage Live USA 2024 in Philadelphia from April 10 to 11. This exhibition offered an exceptional platform for the entire solar and storage value chain, facilitating connections with installers, developers, farmers, policymakers, and more. Senergy put on display the new SE 5/6/7.6/10/11.4KHB-UL hybrid inverter series, designed to deliver optimal performance and customized for US market.


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According to the report from Solar Energy Industries Association, with heightened environmental awareness and regulatory initiatives, the solar industry in the US witnessed a substantial growth in 2023, a notable 51% increase compared to 2022. Photovoltaic solar systems accounted for 53% of all new electricity-generating capacity additions in 2023, making up more than half of new generating capacity for the first time. The country aims to install an average of 30 GW of solar capacity annually from now until 2025, which is expected to escalate to 60 GW annually from 2025 to 2030. Given its relatively large electricity consumption, the US is poised to maintain the dominance in the market throughout the forecast period.


“The electricity generated from PV solar systems with improved efficiency and competitive costs in the US has experienced rapid growth in recent years, making it a more accessible option for new electricity generation,” said Lisa Ren, General Manager of Senergy. “With years of presence in the US, we’ve gained considerable insights into local market preferences, and are accelerating our business endeavors through close collaboration with our strategic partners to effectively meet the evolving market demands.”


Driven by factors such as cost savings, environment concerns, and technological advancements in solar systems, many farms in the US are increasingly adopting solar energy technologies to modernize their operation. This shift serves as a buffer against volatile crop prices and aligns with the government’s clean-energy incentives. The Senergy SE 5/6/7.6/10/11.4KHB-UL hybrid inverter series is designed to cater to local market preferences, offering excellent power generation capacity and reliability. With 20 years of unwavering commitment to inverter R&D and manufacturing, Senergy always stands at the forefront of delivering industry-leading products. In addition, the company has significantly bolstered its manufacturing capabilities, now boasting a capacity of 10GW in Shenzhen, China, ensuring the delivery of top-notch inverter products for global partners and users.


SE 5/6/7.6/10/11.4KHB-UL


Interest in agrivoltaics is surging across the US, with hundreds of sites nationwide integrating solar energy with diverse activities like growing crops, raising honeybees, or even grazing livestock. More and more farms are now incorporating solar systems on buildings such as houses and barns. Senergy’s inverters are ideally suited to meet these increasing demands, allowing for split-phase parallel connections of up to nine units. With a rapid transition time of just 10 milliseconds, Senergy’s inverter provides uninterrupted backup operation during power outages, adapting effortlessly to various electrical environments and offering versatility across multiple scenarios, whether connected to a generator, the grid-tied inverters, or smart loads. It also supports remote configuration and upgrade, simplifying system management for users.


Leveraging Senergy’s robust R&D capabilities, this inverter series is crafted with an impressive 200% PV oversizing. Featuring 3 MPPTs and a maximum of 30A PV input current, it maximizes the efficiency of capturing solar energy. This series supports a maximum continuous power supply of nominal AC at 110% when connected to the grid, while also accommodating multiple voltage connections like 120/240V and 120V/208V, providing flexibility in system configurations across the United States.


The Senergy SE 5/6/7.6/10/11.4KHB-UL series is engineered to handle a battery voltage range of 40-64Vdc, making it compatible with both lithium and lead-acid batteries. Its closed-loop communication compatibility with lithium batteries greatly improves power generation output and efficiency. Additionally, the built-in DC breaker safeguards the system from overload, short circuit, or other electrical faults, adding another layer of reliability. These features make it the preferred choice for a wide range of applications, seamlessly integrating with advanced storage solutions in residential and commercial settings alike.


Senergy goes a step further by integrating smart technologies to boost efficiency and reliability. These include built-in arc fault detection (AFCI), rapid shutdown transmitter (RSD), and other intelligent management designs. The recognition of Senergy’s products by the California Energy Commission with CEC certification acknowledges their high efficiency and safety performance. The products have also passed the UL 9540 & UL 1741 certification, which are stringent safety standards in energy storage and compatibility with the power grid.


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To cater to the specific needs of the American market, Senergy has launched a dedicated web portal ( offering comprehensive product introductions, ODM/OEM service details, instructional videos & guides, and contact information for sales and technical support. This centralized platform addresses local demands, enhancing the overall customer experience.


The US solar market is undergoing an unprecedented surge, as highlighted in the Solar Energy Industries Association’s report. With its advantages in energy savings, ESG considerations, and enhancing resilience, solar power is becoming increasingly attractive. Solar & Storage Live USA 2024 offers a unique opportunity to delve into innovative technologies and connect with industry-leading experts, driving the transition to a greener and smarter energy system. Senergy is dedicated to empowering more local partners and users to unleash more potentials of clean energy.




About Senergy
Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a leading high-tech solar energy company, specializing in ODM service for PV grid-tied and hybrid inverters. Empowered by the parent company’s 35 years of expertise in electronic power industry, Senergy has garnered 20 years of dedicated experience in inverter R&D and manufacturing. Its products find a wide range of applications across residential, industrial & commercial, large-scale ground stations and energy storage power stations worldwide. With an expanded manufacturing capacity reaching10GW, Senergy is equipped with enhanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge inverter products and solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the evolving energy landscape.