Senergy Debut at RE+ 2022: Tapping into US Market with Cutting-Edge Technologies and Strengthened Partnership

Senergy, a leading solar inverter and storage ODM service provider from Asia, presented its latest energy storage inverters including SE 5/6/8/10KHB-UL at RE+ 2022 held from September 20 to 22 in Anaheim, California, US. Senergy’s debut at North America’s largest event for the clean energy industry demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing its cutting-edge products and solutions to meet the growing demand in the US for reliable and stable residential power base since the outbreak of COVID-19.

“With great confidence in the development of the US energy storage industry, we are excited to tap into this high potential market with our industry leading technology and manufacturing expertise,” said Lisa Ren, General Manager of Senergy “We have been well prepared to further deepen our ODM collaboration with local partners who commit to delivering innovative, reliable and high quality products and solutions like us.”

SE 10KHB-UL, the newest single phase hybrid inverter from Senergy’s portfolio, features AFCI technology and rapid shutdown function. From component selection to manufacturing process to the testing and final validation, the inverter meets the US safety standards and performs more reliably, ideal for family installation and private solar system retrofits to increase self-consumption of solar energy generated by households.

Compatible with any residential solar system, SE 10KHB-UL offers different implementing multifaceted solar installation options for a maximized result regardless of roof locations. It has three MPPT trackers for real-time power tracking and energy generation, enabling high performance efficiency up to 98% and CEC efficiency 94.5%. With each string current powering up to 22A, input voltage ranging from 70V to 550V and the power output peaking at 15KW, the inverter is compatible with 600W+ high power modules to increase energy yield and can support 9 units to operate simultaneously.

The device comes with multiple programable modes, which ensures the system to monitor intelligently and achieve optimized self-consumption. It can also operate in off-grid mode, providing 100% electricity supply to high power modules of 10KW in the backup condition. With its fast charging and discharging capability, the inverter offers maximum battery utilization which can be switched in less than 10 ms, with maximum quick charging/discharging current up to 210A. The integrated automatic backup power supply ensures continued operation in the event of grid failures.

In addition to IP65-rated protection, SE 10KHB-UL also features BMS management system to secure high battery life, SPD standard to protect product from exposure to various conditions, and GFCI qualification to prevent any risk of electric shocks. It is compatible with both lead-acid batteries and lithium battery energy storage systems.

The Smart Solar Cloud monitoring system allows users to manage energy usage through a mobile app in real time to achieve performance optimization, utility saving and energy security.

“As we continue focusing on technology advancement and product quality improvement, we will also accelerate our manufacturing capacity from 3GW to 10GW at our bases in Shenzhen starting October 2022,” Ren said. “The move will not only support our global growth strategy, but also empower our ODM partners to achieve greater success.”

As the largest and most comprehensive event in North America, RE+ brings the modern energy industry together to foster a cleaner future for all. RE+ has also been among the Gold 100 for ten years running and has previously been named “Best Use of Technology” and “Stickiest Show Floor” by Trade Show Executive for the innovative ways in which attendees stay engaged — the only solar and storage event to receive such a distinction.


About Senergy

Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a high-tech solar energy company that supports customers to steer their next-generation PV inverters with end-to-end design, research and development, manufacturing and services – all under one roof. By combining over 30 years of experience in power electronic products management and nearly 20 years of expertise in PV inverter development and manufacturing, Senergy provides flexible and diverse cooperation models to support rapid customized system and to help customers to succeed. We offer a wide portfolio of products ranging from on-grid inverters to hybrid models to meet the requirements of local, national and international standards.

Senergy is committed to providing customers with highly competitive and value-added products and technical services through continuous innovation. We will continue living up to our promise in lower-carbon footprint and unwaveringly moving towards the green future.