Senergy Debuts Its PV Inverter Series for Bifacial Solar Modules

Senergy recently launched the new Three Phase & Dual MPPT PV inverter series, including SE 17 KTL-D3, SE 20 KTL-D3 and SE 22 KTL-D3, all specially designed for bifacial solar panels to maximize the overall conversion efficiency in power generation and reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour.

The new Senergy PV inverters are empowered with higher current-carrying capacity, with each string’s input current reaching up to 12.5A. The new devices, with long-term output overload of 110 percent and maximum solar module configuration as high as 130 percent, can significantly improve the energy yields and adaptability to complex conditions.

Operating in bifacial solar modules, the new Senergy inverters must feature outstanding heat dissipation performance and multiple protection mechanism, to effectively address the heat generated from the additional power production and long-term full-load operation process. The products adopt the natural cooling design to avoid the loss of power generation caused by air duct blockage and fan failure. With the aluminum enclosure and additional three anti-corrosion procedures, the devices are further comprehensively protected from harsh outdoor environment.

Integrated with the upgraded Senergy Intelligent inverter Cloud-Based Monitoring System, the new PV inverters can be monitored around the clock on energy generation and consumption. It also offers the users with the tools to remotely set up system and detect problems with recommended suggestions, through mobile apps and PC internet browser.

The introduction of new products is another showcase of Senergy’s long-term commitment to providing customers with the most efficient and adaptable solutions through their passion in innovation and technology development.