Senergy’s Solar Journey: Spotlight on the 2024 Canton Fair and Debut at 2024 World Future Energy Summit in the Middle East

As PV technology sets the stage for a transformative era worldwide, Senergy, a pioneering inverter and energy storage ODM service provider from Asia, is steadfastly expanding its presence. By showcasing the latest technologies and inverter products, Senergy made its mark at both the 2024 China Import and Export Fair (also known as Canton Fair) in Guangzhou, China, and the 2024 World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Middle East, held from  April 15 to 19 and April 16 to 18 respectively.


Enhanced Presence at the 2024 Canton Fair

The atmosphere at this year’s Canton Fair, one of China’s largest trade fairs, has been buzzing with even greater excitement for green energy. Serving as the pinnacle gathering for businesses, the fair represents a golden opportunity to present the latest technological advancements and dedication to sustainability.

Senergy has taken pride in elevating its booth presentation to showcase their newest hybrid inverter lineup: including the single-phase SE 3.6-6kW, and three-phase SE 5-10kW models. Senergy’s booth also featured the grid-tied PV inverters SE 4-6kW, alongside the three-phase SE 5-30kW. These cutting-edge series, perfectly blending advanced technology with sleek aesthetics, promise optimal performance, catering to both residential and commercial applications.


Debut at the 2024 World Future Energy Summit

The Middle East is blessed with abundant sunlight throughout the year and the local solar market is experiencing unprecedented growth. This surge in solar installations is expected to continue in 2024 and beyond, driven by various factors such as favorable regulatory framework, declining costs, and the growing urgency to address climate change. Making its debut at the 2024 World Future Energy Summit, Senergy showcased the new-generation grid-tied SE 4-6kW and energy storage inverter SE 3.6-6kW, which impressed visitors for their enhanced efficiency, reliability, and smart performance.

“The governments in the Middle East have launched ambitious renewable energy programs to diversify their energy mix, presenting immense opportunities for the solar power market,” said Lisa Ren, General Manager of Senergy. “We are very excited to tap into this market leveraging our profound expertise in PV inverter R&D and manufacturing, along with our comprehensive ODM cooperation models, which have proven to be versatile and competitive in numerous regions and markets worldwide.”


Robust ODM Collaboration Models

As a frontrunner in the solar energy sector, Senergy has 20 years of dedicated experience in inverter R&D and manufacturing, coupled with robust ODM capabilities tailored to meet diverse needs. Spearheaded by a team of PhD experts with over 15 years of experience in PV product development, the company’s R&D division comprises over 300 engineers committed to continuous innovation and process optimization. In addition to its manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Senergy inaugurated the state-of-the-art Pingshan Manufacturing Site in Shenzhen in 2022, boasting an annual output capacity of 10GW. Each of Senergy’s plants features industry-leading, highly automated production lines, meticulously managed in accordance with stringent quality standards to ensure excellence throughout every stage of product development and manufacturing processes.

Going beyond standardized procedures and rapid customization systems, Senergy introduces selectable customization menus, empowering clients to fully personalize solutions according to their needs. From appearance and accessories to branding elements such as logo and monitoring app interfaces, this approach not only enhances flexibility but also streamlines efficiency. Moreover, Senergy prioritizes differentiation to strategically minimize potential conflicts and ensure market competitiveness, delivering top-tier products at competitive prices and setting the benchmark for excellence.


Diversified Product Portfolio

With the global solar inverter market on the rise, the integration of power inverters with energy storage systems emerges as a significant trend. This integration enables surplus energy to be stored and utilized during peak demand, while also enhancing grid stability and maximizing the utilization of renewable energy sources. At exhibitions in Guangzhou and Abu Dhabi, Senergy took center stage with its latest energy storage inverter series SE 3.6-6kW. This hybrid single-phase inverter is a versatile solution to revolutionize the solar energy landscape, offering superior performance across various configurations. With its remarkable PV overload capacity of 200%, it is compatible with a wide range of solar systems for reliable power generation. Its fanless design guarantees silent operation. This inverter series supports smart load and generator, offering flexibility and control over energy usage. Whether for backup or off-grid applications, users can rely on this inverter to provide uninterrupted power supply, even during outages. With its intelligent management app and portal, monitoring and managing the solar system has never been easier.

Another highlight at both exhibitions is the grid-tied SE 4-6kW series. It boasts a compact design with a maximum efficiency of 97.8%, ensuring easy installation and high versatility for diverse setups. The configuration with 150% PV capacity and 110% output overload maximizes the profitability of the solar system for users. Featuring a wide MPPT voltage range from 70V to 540V and a low start-up voltage of 90V, the series effectively enhances electricity generation efficiency. It supports various module configurations, compatible with high-power and high-current applications. Moreover, it incorporates DC/AC Type II SPD and AFCI functionalities for enhanced safety in station systems. With the IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating, along with C5 corrosion resistance, this inverter is well-suited for diverse outdoor environments.


As the landscape of energy is undergoing rapid transformation driven by technological advancements and supported by robust regulation, power inverters have emerged as key players in shaping the future of energy in China and the Middle East. Senergy has engaged with industry luminaries, policymakers, and technology innovators, delving deep into the latest breakthroughs and trends. Pushing the boundaries of the solar market landscape, Senergy is not just witnessing the green energy transition but actively contributing to it, forging a path towards a more sustainable future.




About Senergy
Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a leading high-tech solar energy company, specializing in ODM service for PV grid-tied and hybrid inverters. Empowered by the parent company’s 35 years of expertise in electronic power industry, Senergy has garnered 20 years of dedicated experience in inverter R&D and manufacturing. Its products find a wide range of applications across residential, industrial & commercial, large-scale ground stations and energy storage power stations worldwide. With an expanded manufacturing capacity reaching 10GW, Senergy is equipped with enhanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge inverter products and solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the evolving energy landscape.