Senergy Shines at Two Major Exhibitions with Pioneering PV Energy Storage Solutions

Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Senergy”), a leading ODM service provider specializing in PV grid-tied and storage inverters, showcased its cutting-edge household storage products at two major exhibitions held from October 15 to 19, 2023 — the 134th Canton Fair and the Solar & Storage Live UK 2023. Senergy demonstrated its exceptional capabilities, along with international resources and robust supply chain advantages, to global brand partners, further bolstering its steadfast commitment to international expansion.


Senergy Showcases Its Robust Expertise at the Canton Fair

Captivating Display of Household Energy Storage Product Portfolio

[Senergy shines at the exhibition.]

Regarded as a “bellwether” for foreign trade of China, this year’s Canton Fair has significantly expanded the new energy exhibition area, aiming to further promote the export of “three new products,” including PV items. Senergy was fully geared up for this event, which garnered an astounding level of attention. The household single-phase hybrid inverter SE 5kW & SE 2-6kW, and single-phase grid-tied inverter SE 7-10kW, among others, captivated a diverse audience of foreign brands and industry experts for engaging discussions at the exhibition.

[Senergy’s cutting-edge household hybrid and grid-tied inverters are on display at Canton Fair 2023.]

In response to the explosive growth in the installed capacity of residential PV systems worldwide, Senergy showcased its household single-phase grid-tied inverter SE 7-10kW at the Canton Fair. This inverter prioritizes three key values: high-efficiency power generation, unwavering safety and reliability, and intelligent operation and maintenance, reshaping the way homes use electricity.

  • High-Efficiency Power Generation: This product maximizes energy production with a power generation efficiency of up to 98.2%. Its wide operating range of 60V-550V ensures prolonged system uptime, while its high-current string design proves to be the “perfect match” for large modules.
  • Unwavering Safety and Reliability: With an IP65 protection rating, users have the flexibility to opt for AFCI DC protection. Additionally, the inclusion of secondary surge protectors on both the AC and DC sides of the inverter ensures multiple safety measures for outdoor installations.
  • Intelligent Operation and Maintenance: The mobile APP serves a professional online operation and maintenance tool that integrates a vast amount of data. It not only monitors power consumption but also enables rapid remote adjustments, helping households embark on a new era of energy.

Senergy Shines at Solar & Storage Live UK 2023

Boosting Brands’ Presence in Household Green Power Market

[Senergy shines at the exhibition.]

The Solar & Storage Live UK 2023 is the largest renewable energy exhibition in the UK, bringing together key players from the solar and storage industries to empower the energy systems of the future. Senergy is in close alignment with the growing demand for household energy storage and is actively supporting European brand partners in entering the household installation market. During the exhibition, the company presented a range of products, including the three-phase hybrid inverters SE 5-10kW and SE 12-30kW, the single-phase hybrid inverter SE 5kW, and all-in-one household storage solutions, all designed to meet European needs during the long winter season. Thanks to their exceptional product performance and user-friendly design, Senergy’s products received high praise from brand partners on-site.

[Senergy‘s household energy storage all-in-one solution is on display.]

Over the years, Senergy has strategically advanced in the growing market of household solar and storage systems. Its household PV and storage solution, based on the ALL-IN-ONE product design concept, integrates solar power, energy storage, and electricity generation. This leads to millisecond-level seamless switching, empowering families to reduce their reliance on the public grid and lower electricity expenses, ultimately promoting a greener and low-carbon lifestyle.

  • Flexible Configuration: Inverter power ranges from 3.6kW to 6kW, and battery capacity from 5kWh to 20kWh. With a modular design and plug-and-play connectivity, users can make flexible purchases based on their family’s needs, reducing on-site installation and commissioning efforts, saving time and energy.
  • Multi-Layer Protection: Senergy’s inverter features longer-life CATL battery cells, dual-fire safety design for cabinets and modules, and robust safety enhancements for the battery. Moreover, the IP65 protection rating ensures fully suitability for outdoor installations.
  • Cost Reduction & Efficiency Enhancement: Users can remotely set parameters and perform software upgrades via mobile APP to save O&M costs. With four operational modes and flexible time-based control of hybrid applications, the product optimizes scheduling and management, while taking full advantage of peak and off-peak electricity price differences to reduce the household energy expenses.


Diversified ODM Customization Services

Reshaping Market Competitiveness with Next-Generation Intelligent Manufacturing


Photovoltaics is poised to emerge as a leading global energy source. As the PV storage installations continues to grow, inverter enterprises are not only concentrating on important business segments like storage and grid-tied inverters but are also accelerating their comprehensive strategies. They are setting their sights on “Residential + Industrial & Commercial” application scenarios in regions spanning Europe, the United States, and Asia Pacific countries. Within the residential sphere, PV inverter products are making a transition from the 3-5kW range to 10kW, representing a formidable asset for major brands to compete in international markets.

With 35 years of experience in power electronics management and a two-decade-long track record in the PV inverter sector, Senergy offers diversified PV inverter customization services based on its profound ODM expertise and streamlined systems. The company’s R&D team, comprising over 300 experts, excels in understanding customer requirements and actively engages in application innovation, facilitating brand partners in transforming innovative concepts into reality. To ensure consistency in design, production, and delivery, Senergy has established three major domestic production facilities, with a capacity exceeding 10GW. The use of highly automated production lines and standardized technical processes creates a robust quality assurance system for its products.

In the midst of the rapidly growing global energy transformation, there is a surging demand for household PV storage systems abroad. Senergy is unwavering in its commitment to global standards and has established deep collaboration with PV inverter brands and component manufacturers from over 30 countries worldwide. Senergy’s scope of operations encompasses various sectors, including PV power generation, energy storage, and smart energy solutions. Looking forward, Senergy is committed to expanding its cooperation with more international brands and actively engaging in the global PV and storage market. By providing diversified ODM customization services, Senergy aims to attain greater success with its partners in the rapidly growing new energy arena.


About Senergy

Founded in 2015, Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD). As a national high-tech company, Senergy specializes in pioneering solutions for PV power generation, energy storage, and smart energy systems. Located in Shenzhen, Senergy’s manufacturing site is equipped with highly automated manufacturing equipment, positioning it at the forefront of the industry in terms of production capacity and capabilities. Senergy offers versatile collaboration approaches and swift customization services. Its extensive product portfolio is distributed in over 50 countries worldwide, catering to diverse scenarios, including residential, commercial, large-scale ground-mounted solar power plants, and various types of energy storage stations. With a dedicated focus on innovative R&D, backed by 35 years of experience in power electronic products management and 20 years of expertise in PV inverter development and manufacturing, Senergy is committed to providing highly competitive and value-added products and services, striving to make clean energy accessible to all.

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