Senergy Showcases Diverse Portfolio at 2024 SNEC International Solar Exhibition


Shanghai, China, June 15, 2024 — Senergy, a pioneering provider of solar inverter and energy storage ODM services, unveiled its complete product lineup at the 2024 SNEC International Solar Exhibition, held from June 13 to 15 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Renowned for its unparalleled influence in China, Asia, and even the entire world, SNEC has seen Senergy as a consistent and dedicated participant over the years. Leveraging the pivotal platform of the SNEC Exhibition, Senergy showcased its cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and intelligent ODM capabilities.

China, with its vast population and growing energy demands, has made remarkable strides in renewable energy development and is more committed than ever to achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. As one of the largest solar power expos, SNEC has gathered policymaker, senior experts, market leaders, international financial institutions, advisory bodies, and authoritative media in the energy industry, to exchange views on crucial topics.

At their booth, Senergy not only displayed customizable multi-color inverters tailored to clients’ preference but also highlighted their robust OD

M manufacturing capacity through a presentation of their new Pingshan Site in Shenzhen. This state-of-the-art facility houses over 100 R&D experts and more than 700 manufacturing staff, all dedicated to advancing inverter technology. Equipped with 16 top-tier automated production lines, the site has boosted Senergy’s annual manufacturing capacity from 3GW to an impressive 10GW. In 2023, the company continued its investment and tripled the size of its R&D center in Shenzhen, underscoring their commitment to leading the renewable energy revolution.



Going beyond standardized procedures and rapid customization systems, Senergy introduces selectable customization menus, empowering clients to fully personalize solutions according to their needs. From appearance and accessories to branding elements such as logo and monitoring app interfaces, this approach not only enhances flexibility but also streamlines efficiency. Moreover, Senergy prioritizes differentiation to strategically minimize potential conflicts and ensure market competitiveness, delivering premium products at competitive prices and setting the benchmark for excellence.

With over a decade of experience in inverter technology and backed by the parent company’s 30+ years in the power electronics industry, Senergy brings proven R&D expertise and quality management. Senergy’s inverters have earned a wide array of international certifications. At this exhibition, TÜV Rheinland awarded certification to the Senergy SE 100KTL series, further endorsing an expanded and impressive product portfolio. Bureau Veritas also granted Senergy the certification of Partnership Laboratory, highlighting the performance and reliability of its products.

Microinverter SE 2KMI-Q14 – Revolutionizing Solar Power

During the SNEC Exhibition, Senergy unveiled the new-age microinverter SE 2KMI-Q14, designed to enhance efficiency and flexibility in solar power systems. This innovative microinverter connects to up to four panels, ensuring that panel-level performance stays intact even if any one of the panels gets affected by shading, debris, or snow. It allows for module-level monitoring, enabling precise tracking and optimization for each panel’s output. This series is particularly well-suited for installations with shadow issues on one or more modules, as well as roofs oriented in different directions, harvesting optimum power by performing MPPT for each connected module.

The device boasts a simple yet powerful design, offering a nominal output power of up to 2,000VA, a peak power of 110% and operating at 60V, providing enhanced safety and ease of use for users. The plug-and-play design simplifies installation and significantly benefits the operation and maintenance of solar plants, as the failure of a single module does not affect the generation of the rest of the system. Its IP67-rated enclosure guarantees high reliability and robust protection against outdoor elements.

Equipped with advanced monitoring capabilities, the SE 2KMI-Q14 provides real-time insights into the performance of individual panels. The data empowers users to promptly identify and address issues, thereby optimizing system efficiency and maximizing overall return on investment. It is an ideal choice for residential users seeking to expand their solar installation, offering increased efficiency, scalability, and reliability. In addition, according to the actual needs of different countries, Senergy has also launched the micro-inverter SE 1KMI-D12 for connecting two PV panels to give customers more choices.


Senergy Grid-Tied Inverter SE 5-30kW – Blending Outstanding Efficiency with Sleek Aesthetics

Senergy SE 5-30KW series is a feature-rich product lineup that perfectly blends unmatched efficiency with a sleek appearance. This three-phase inverters are designed for various residential applications, as well as small to medium-sized industrial and commercial setups. With an ultra-wide MPPT voltage range and compatibility with large PV modules, these devices deliver seamless integration and optimal performance, helping users to reduce dependence on external power sources. They are manufactured with an IP66 tough waterproof and dustproof rating, offering exceptional features like intrusion resistance, heavy rain protection, and dustproof capabilities. These attributes prolong the product’s lifecycle, making them well-suited for diverse and harsh outdoor environments. Additionally, the compact design simplifies installation, allowing one person to complete the task efficiently.

The intelligent operation and maintenance system is essential for safe operation of PV power systems. The SE 5-30KW series enhances software innovation, enabling 24-hour online monitoring and rapid fault identification and localization through intelligent diagnosis. The products feature an integrated PID function module, enabling off-grid recovery, remote control and upgrade capabilities for comprehensive management. This innovation effectively reduces maintenance losses caused by faults.

Senergy Hybrid Inverter SE 12-30KHB – Powering the Future of Renewable Energy

The Asia Pacific region is a hotspot for hybrid inverter market dynamics. Rapid urbanization, coupled with a rising awareness of clean energy, fuels the demand for hybrid inverters. China, in particular, has been embracing renewable energy solutions, creating a conducive environment for hybrid inverter adoption. Technological advancements, government initiatives, and the need for reliable power sources contribute to the flourishing market in this dynamic and innovation-driven region.

Leveraging decade-long expertise in inverter technology innovation, Senergy’s hybrid inverter SE 12-30KHB series boasts cutting-edge features that keep abreast with emerging trends and compatibility with high-power panels. With a maximum of 150% PV input power, the SE 12-30KHB series supports unbalanced output to ensure stable and efficient power distribution even under unbalanced load conditions. It features an ultra-wide battery voltage range from 120V to 800V, providing versatility and compatibility with various energy storage systems. With an IP66 protection rating, this hybrid inverter series is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor installations, offering robust defense against dust, water, and other environmental factors. Furthermore, the hybrid inverter can greatly reduce electricity bill and improve self-consumption.

The SNEC International Solar Exhibition demonstrates China’s dedication to scaling up the global solar industry, serving as a unique platform for fostering international cooperation and strengthening the global solar supply chain. As the world progresses towards a net zero future, Senergy has embraced collaboration and knowledge exchange with clients from around the globe, enabling access to affordable and sustainable energy through its innovative products and solutions. From June 19 to 21, Senergy will attend the annual Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany. At the event, the company will engage in more extensive discussions with solar industry players from Europe and around the globe, exploring the vast potential of solar industry.

About Senergy
Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a leading high-tech solar energy company, specializing in ODM service for PV grid-tied and hybrid inverters. Empowered by the parent company’s 35 years of expertise in electronic power industry, Senergy has garnered 20 years of dedicated experience in inverter R&D and manufacturing. Its products find a wide range of applications across residential, industrial & commercial, large-scale ground stations and energy storage power stations worldwide. With an expanded manufacturing capacity reaching10GW, Senergy is equipped with enhanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge inverter products and solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the evolving energy landscape.