Senergy Spotlights its Hybrid Inverters and Energy Storage Solutions at 2023 Intersolar North America

Long Beach, California, February 14, 2023 — Senergy, a pioneering solar inverter and storage ODM service provider from Asia, presented at the 2023 Intersolar North America its cutting-edge hybrid inverters and energy storage solutions, highlighting the latest energy storage inverters, including SE 5/6/8/10KHB-T2/UL designed and produced to meet the American standard which represents one of the world’s most stringent quality standards.

“We are thrilled to be back at Intersolar to meet our customers and partners who share our passion and ambition for a greener future,” said Lisa Ren, General Manager of Senergy at the industry’s flagship solar + storage event held from February 14 through 16 at the Long Beach Convention Center in California, the United States.

“This year, we have brought more sophisticated solar storage technologies and solutions that cater to our customers’ evolving needs,” Ren said. “With our new facility in Shenzhen further expanding our manufacturing capacity to 10GW upon its full operation in 2023, we are fully committed to delivering more innovative, reliable and top-notch products and services.”

Senergy has a strong foothold in the global PV market, building on decades of experience and expertise. The recent single phase hybrid inverter series, SE 5/6/8/10KHB-T2/UL, offers an impressive range of features with maximum power generation peaking at 15kW and quick charging/discharging current reaching 210A.

From the meticulous component selection to precision manufacturing process, and thorough testing to final validation, Senergy ensures the inverters perform reliably to the strict US safety standards, making them the ideal choice for family installation and private solar system retrofits to boost self-consumption of the solar energy generated by households. Embedded with three MPPT trackers for real-time power tracking and energy generation, they offer high performance efficiency of up to 98%, and CEC-weighted efficiency of 94.5%. The products are also manufactured with split phase out function, thus they are capable of providing power for a load of up to 10kW for higher efficiency and more reliable power supply. The two evenly balanced output also helps minimize power fluctuations.

[SE 5/6/8/10KHB-T2/UL is on display at the exhibition.]

The new products boast advanced arc fault detection (AFCI) technology and a rapid shutdown function to protect against harm or failures in the solar array. In addition, the integrated AC and battery breaker reduce the risk of electric shock and guarantee continued operation in grid outage. The feature also bolsters battery life and performance by separating the battery from the rest of the circuit.

Compatible with any residential solar system, SE 5/6/8/10KHB-T2/UL products offer different implementing multifaceted solar installation options for a maximized result regardless of roof locations. With each string current powering up to 22A, and wide input voltage ranging from 70V to 550V, the inverters are compatible with 600W+ high power modules with increased energy yield, and allow up to 9 units to be operated simultaneously.

Boasting IP65-rated protection and BMS management system to secure optimal battery life, these new inverters are equipped with an SPD standard to safeguard the products from diverse conditions. Compatible with both lead-acid and lithium battery energy storage systems, the devices offer multiple programable modes to enable intelligent monitoring and achieve optimized self-consumption. Furthermore, the Smart Solar Cloud monitoring system allows users to supervise energy consumption through a mobile app in real-time to achieve performance optimization, utility saving and energy security.

Other products and solutions Senergy put on display at the exhibition included SE 4.6/5/6KHB-120 inverters, which are also packed with powerful features to generate an impressively reliable power output with remarkable energy storage efficiency reaching 98.4% and battery efficiency of 94%. The optimized charge controlling capability enables the device to reach a maximum charge/discharge current of 120A. Senergy tops off these products with specifications including exceptionally compact, lightweight design, incorporating natural convention cooling – meaning no cooling fans.

[Senergy showcases its portfolio at booth 680, Long Beach Convention Center, California]

With over 35 years’ expertise in OEM/ODM for the world’s leading UPS brands and nearly 20 years of innovation in PV inverter R&D and production in Taiwan and Shenzhen, Senergy proudly partners with renowned PV inverter and module manufacturers around the world. The company deploys stringent procedures for a variety of ODM collaboration schemes and a swift customization system, along with automatic production line platforms to ensure product excellence and rapid product solutions tailored to customer needs. From design optimization to compress size and product integration for maximum value, Senergy strives to provide reliable products that can be safely monitored or maintained during operation.

[Senergy showcases its portfolio at booth 680, Long Beach Convention Center, California]

Intersolar North America is the premier U.S.-based conference and trade show focused on solar and energy storage. Dedicated to accelerating the energy transition, the event delivers actionable education, invaluable networking, and an immersive exhibit hall experience. This year’s exhibition brought together 6,000+ energy leaders and 300+ exhibitors to help shape the next phase of clean energy transformation.

About Senergy

Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a high-tech solar energy company that supports customers to steer their next-generation PV inverters with end-to-end design, research and development, manufacturing and services – all under one roof. By combining over 35 years of experience in power electronic products management and nearly 20 years of expertise in PV inverter development and manufacturing, Senergy provides flexible and diverse cooperation models to support rapid customized system and to help customers to succeed. We offer a wide portfolio of products ranging from on-grid inverters to hybrid models to meet the requirements of local, national and international standards.

Senergy is committed to providing customers with highly competitive and value-added products and technical services through continuous innovation. We will continue living up to our promise in lower-carbon footprint and unwaveringly moving towards the green future.