Senergy Wows the Audience at 2023 SNEC with Six New Cutting-Edge Product Launches

At this global PV event, which encompasses the entire PV industry chain and showcases high-tech products and new product debuts, Senergy, a leading global force in ODM manufacturing of PV inverters, made a big splash with the release of six new series of PV on-grid and hybrid inverters. These include the SE 30-50KTL three-phase on-grid inverter, SE 100-125KTL three-phase on-grid inverter, SE 3-6KHB-HV high-voltage energy storage inverter, SE 5-10KHB-UL US-standard energy storage inverter, SE 8-10KHB-T/EU European-standard energy storage inverter, and SE 5-10KHB-D3 three-phase energy storage inverter. With a diverse product portfolio, cutting-edge PV inverter technology, and robust ODM manufacturing capabilities, Senergy delivered an exceptional showcase of innovation at their booth N3-001.


Trustworthy ODM Customization Service

As a leading ODM manufacturer of solar inverters and energy storage solutions, Senergy has been a regular participant at the SNEC feast for seven consecutive years. This year, the company made a remarkable impression on the audience by unveiling six new series of products that boast the latest industry technology. Among these offerings is the SE 30-50KTL series, specifically designed for medium- and large-scale industrial and commercial applications. Additionally, the SE 3-6KHB-HV series supports high-voltage battery compatibility, ranging from 80V to 480V. The SE 5-10KHB-UL/EU series strictly adheres to the safety standards of the United States and Europe for energy storage, while the SE 5-10KHB-D3 series provides three-phase energy storage with 150% unbalance control, suitable for both on-grid and off-grid applications. Senergy’s exhibition booth set a notable record by attracting nearly 1,000 visitors within just one hour, creating an electrifying atmosphere of excitement and interest.


BV Certification Endorses Senergy’s Quality

During the exhibition, Senergy not only showcased its outstanding expertise but also received the BV certification for its excellent quality performance, solidifying its position as a strategic partner of BV. Senergy has consistently adhered to industry regulations and stayed abreast of the evolving requirements of various certification systems. With a strong focus on process management, the company has successfully integrated customer requirements and enterprise management processes into its quality management system. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of Senergy’s operations is aligned with the highest quality standards, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and trust.


New Products Stun the Audience

  • SE 30-50KTL Three Phase On-Grid Series
  • Specifically designed for media- and large-scale industrial and commercial applications


Senergy’s recently introduced SE 30-50KTL three-phase on-grid series is specifically designed for medium- and large-scale industrial and commercial applications. Boasting an impressive maximum efficiency of 98.5% and flexible compatibility with the prevailing 182/210 double-sided high-power modules, this series offers optimal power conversion even under the harshest conditions.

When it comes to communication, the SE 30-50KTL series is at the forefront. It connects with the solar system through various methods, including 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth. It also incorporates advanced features such as built-in PID protection and recovery, string current monitoring, and I-V curve scanning, enabling real-time fault identification and uninterrupted monitoring. With the SE 30-50KTL series, users can experience a new level of connectivity and control, making their solar journey more efficient and intelligent.


  • SE 5-10KHB-UL/EU: US and European standard-compliant energy storage series
  • Intelligent prioritization for self-consumption and energy storage

Another standout product is the SE 5-10KHB-UL/EU series, meticulously designed to meet the stringent safety standards of the United States and Europe. With a sleek household appliance design, the series offers customizable ODM services, catering to specific regulatory requirements.

In addition, these series deliver outstanding performance, supporting a maximum PV input of 15kW and the parallel connection of multiple devices. Embedded with a dual control mode, they can seamlessly transition between on-grid and off-grid operations in less than 10ms. The intelligent design maximizes system power generation while providing an uninterrupted power supply to household loads. The system can simultaneously fulfil the demands of charging a 10kW battery and supplying power to a 5kW load (or charging a 5kW battery and supplying power to an 11kW load).


  • SE 5-10KHB-D3 Three-Phase Energy Storage Series
  • Compatible with high-voltage batteries ranging from 150V to 600V, providing power to a 15kW load/battery

The SE 5-10KHB-D3 residential three-phase energy storage series is also a highly anticipated product unveiled by Senergy at the exhibition. The devices feature a unified sleek appearance and a fanless design with minimal noise levels, making them ideal for household use.

As a 10kW power level inverter, this series can reach a maximum input power of 15kW and an increased maximum string input current of 30A. This allows for flexible compatibility with high-power modules and bifacial modules, providing convenience in module selection and installation. Moreover, the product supports single-phase power output of up to 5kW and three-phase unbalanced output. It also enables parallel connection of multiple devices to form a microgrid, along with remote software settings and energy management. These features cater to the diverse application needs of customers in various markets.

Embrace the Momentum to Continue the Green Journey

Over the past five years, global solar installations have witnessed staggering growth, soaring from 106GW to 230GW, with a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 21.37%. As a key player and trailblazer in the global PV industry, Senergy remains steadfast in its positive outlook for the global PV energy market. With an unwavering commitment to the green and low-carbon transition, Senergy continues to deepen its involvement in the global PV industry ecosystem through the influential SNEC platform. Armed with cutting-edge inverter products and technologies, the company is spearheading the global movement towards sustainable energy. The successful conclusion of the SNEC Shanghai Exhibition on May 26 has only fueled Senergy’s momentum, propelling it towards the next frontier. Next on the horizon is the highly anticipated Intersolar Germany Exhibition, set to take place from June 14 to 16. Senergy eagerly awaits your presence at booth B4.309, where exciting advancements and fruitful collaboration await.


About Senergy

Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a high-tech solar energy company that supports customers to steer their next-generation PV inverters with end-to-end design, research and development, manufacturing and services – all under one roof. By combining over 30 years of experience in power electronic products management and nearly 20 years of expertise in PV inverter development and manufacturing, Senergy provides flexible and diverse cooperation models to support rapid customized system and to help customers to succeed. We offer a wide portfolio of products ranging from on-grid inverters to hybrid models to meet the requirements of local, national and international standards.