Senergy navigates the landscape of solar energy

Senergy has managed to sustain robust growth throughout 2021, which is driven by the surging global demand of solar inverters. Although the ongoing pandemic continues to pose serious challenges to global supply chain, transition to green energy has been accelerating around the world. As an innovator of the industry, Senergy has been introducing new and enhanced solutions to help shape the future of sustainable energy production and storage. In 2021, the company’s total production capacity has increased to 2GW, which doubles that of last year and offers a larger portfolio of PV inverter products.


Product Innovation

The new generation of single-phase PV inverters, which features greater power output ranging from 2kw to 10 kw in smaller sizes, was launched in mid 2021. Compared with the older generation, the new series are more powerful and portable but in a size 35% smaller, making them suitable for residential use.

Senergy also debuted the new AC coupled inverter, hybrid inverter as well as other new models to address the energy storage demand. The new energy storage products can greatly increase the amount of self-generation electricity and smartly prioritize the self-consumption of stored energy. Combining energy storage and load management capability in a new and creative way improves the energy sufficiency level to a higher level. It is one of the new growth engines for the company’s business development and expansion.

In response to the market demand for high-power modules, Senergy has upgraded the string current of all PV inverters to be compatible with 500W+ high power module applications. The maximum input current of Senergy inverter now reaches up to 15A to ensure high quality and stability of the current, making it the best partner for high-power modules. It also maximizes the economic value of PV system for renewable energy generation.


Exhibition Highlights

Senergy presented at 2021 SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai (June 3-5) our latest innovative products and solutions, including R&D achievements, upgraded PV inverter series and innovative intelligence cloud-based monitoring system.

Due to the travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Senergy was not able to physically participate in Renewable Energy India 2021 (August 5-6). Instead, the company made the virtual presence at this important expo to highlight our robust R&D and manufacturing capabilities for ODM service.

In October, Senergy unveiled the full range of upgraded products at Canton Fair, presenting renewable energy innovation and engaging with customers for enhanced collaboration.


Industry Recognition

With over a decade of experience in the research and development of inverter technology, combined with the parent company’s more than 30 years of endeavors in the power electronics industry, Senergy delivers proven R&D expertise and quality management.

In June, Senergy was recognized as “The Best Company of 2021 China New Energy” by Solarbe website.

In December, the company received another prestigious award – 2021 Influential PV Inverter Brand of the Year – from Guangdong Solar Energy Association.


Project Success

In early August, Senergy successfully completed a 500k commercial power station project in Huiyang, Guangdong Province, a strong testimony of the high-quality products and excellent service we offer that set us apart from the competition. After comprehensive evaluation of the client site, Senergy proposed to deploy eight SE 60kw three-phase on-grid inverters. The average annual power output is expected to reach up to 800,000 kWh, saving 500,000 RMB every year for the client.