Senergy Spotlights Leading Innovation Technology at 2021 SNEC PV Power Expo

As one of the regular exhibitors, Senergy had a significant presence at 2021 SNEC PV Power Expo, a big rendezvous for the green energy giants to showcase cutting-edge technology and innovation capabilities.  Though the world continues the fighting against the pandemic, the PV industry came roaring back to the growth trajectory with even more dynamic and increased installation capacity thanks to the continuous technological innovation. This year, Senergy provided the customers and industry practitioners a fresh and interactive experience at the familiar booth location, highlighting the latest R&D achievements, upgraded PV inverter series, and the innovative intelligent cloud-based monitoring system.

  • New Generation PV Inverters Debut at SNEC

Energy storage is the pivotal pillar of support for energy revolution. As China’s energy supply-side reform accelerates, the strategic position of energy storage in the multi-energy complementary system is increasingly strengthened, and energy storage inverters are becoming a new growth engine in the market. With the reduction of energy storage cost and the increase of new energy installation, the installed capacity of energy storage is ramping up. At this year’s SNEC, Senergy debuted the new AC Coupled inverter, Hybrid inverter as well as other new models. The new energy storage household products feature very powerful charge controlling capabilities up to 100A, and the maximum input power up to 9,000W, which can greatly increase the amount of self-generation electricity and smartly prioritize the self-consumption of stored energy.

In the field of household products, Senergy introduced a new series of single-phase products for residential use, covering the power range of 2KW to 10KW. The new model inherits the company outstanding R&D gene with higher reliability and safety, and greater power generation density in smaller sizes. Its maximum efficiency reaches up to 98.2%, which can perfectly be compatible with the single-phase high-power application scenarios.

In recent years, high power modules have become the mainstream trend in the PV industry. In response to the demand of increasing PV module current, Senergy upgraded the string current of all inverters to make sure the products can flawlessly adapt to 500W+ high power module applications.

  • Certified by Internationally Renowned Certification Organizations

With over a decade of experience in the research and development of inverter technology, combined with the parent company’s more than 30 years of endeavor in the power electronics industry, Senergy delivers proven R&D expertise and quality management. The inverters that Senergy produces are certified by TUV SÜD, TUV Rheinland and CQC – a strong testimony of the product safety and reliability.

At the 2021 SNEC PV Power Expo, TUV Rheinland issued the VDE 4110 German MV on-grid certification letter to Senergy, once again endorsing Senergy’s advanced technical strength and professionalism. German medium and high voltage on-grid standard is the most stringent one among all European on-grid standards, which lays out strict requirements for manufacturers in product development and design. The winning of this certificate will further drive Senergy to expand into the international markets.

  • New Home Intelligent Cloud-Based Monitoring System

Senergy Intelligent Cloud-Based Monitoring System, featuring the functions of one-touch self-checking and commissioning, grid connection, remote system setting and upgrading, as well as power plant operation monitoring, has been the highlight of the company offerings. It is a composite of advanced technology and innovation expertise.

With the continuous development of innovative technology, the cloud-based monitoring system has been upgraded this year, introducing more new features to adapt into on-grid and energy storage systems. It can intelligently monitor and manage home energy loads, photovoltaic, batteries, and power sales in real time, improving users’ power generation revenue and reducing power supply costs. It also serves a great tool for renewable energy promotion by going with a green power solution from Senergy.

2021 SNEC PV Power Expo has come to an end, however, Senergy’s pursuit of continuous innovation and development will never stop. The dream to promote green energy and drive a low-carbon future with technological innovation continues!

About Senergy

Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a high-tech company that focuses on PV inverter research and development, manufacturing, sales and services, while providing flexible and diverse cooperation models to support rapid customized system. With 30 years of experience in power electronic products management and 15 years of expertise in PV inverter development and manufacturing, the company offers a wide range of products, suitable for residential, commercial and industrial power stations, suburban and large ground-mounted power stations, as well as various energy storage power stations.

Senergy was established in 2015, with employees of more than 1,000 people, including nearly 100 R&D members. The Shenzhen Manufacturing Site, named as a “High-Tech Enterprise” in China, is equipped with highly automated production equipment. Its production capability and capacity ranks among the top in the industry. Established in 1994, Senergy’s parent company, Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of power electronic products with broad recognition in the industries of network communications, printers and external power adapters for storage equipment. APD’s total sales revenue reached about USD 300 million in 2019. Its PrimeVOLT PV inverter has been sold in Taiwan with a leading market share for more than a decade.

Senergy is committed to providing customers with highly competitive and value-added products and technical services through continuous innovation. The company aims to become a technology and market leader in the new energy industry.